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Community TrailBlazers

Jan 25, 2021

“Bill Lilley taught at Yale, worked for the federal government, worked at CBS in New York, and started a software company, which he sold,” said John Fox Sullivan, longtime friend and former Yale student.“ Meet William “Bill” Lilley III, an American Western History Buff, who taught at Yale where he received his Ph.D. for most of the 1960s with American history and American studies as his fields. He worked in the federal government in all of the 1970s where he was deputy assistant secretary at HUD. He then worked as the acting director of the U.S. Council on Wage & Price Stability and later as Staff Director of the Budget Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. Bill also worked in the private sector for CBS Inc., the media company in New York, where he was Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs for seven years. He then left CBS to found his own company called iMapData which built an extensive library of databases that could be visualized on a web-based platform.