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Community TrailBlazers

Dec 29, 2019

John Mcllwain has been on the ground floor of the country’s affordable housing movement, becoming a trusted voice on Capitol Hill for his deep expertise.

Mcllwain closed the first Section 8 deal in the U.S., worked for HUD, performed industry-respected policy research, and invested in affordable projects. From this...

Dec 22, 2019

 Housing expert Denise Muha is a sought after expert in Washington for her insight on affordable housing policy. As Executive Director of the National Leased Housing Association, she regularly advocates and advises Congress and HUD on public housing’s benefits to families and communities. In this episode she outlines...

Dec 10, 2019

Kent Watkins and Nan McKay reflect on their decades of work in the affordable housing industry and analyze the many challenges on the horizon. They discuss their reasons for collaborating on this historic podcast on housing and communities.

McKay started working in the field in 1963 with various housing authorities...